Ateliers et retraites

with Susan Hopkinson & Elisabeth Grigoriantz-Rivasseau

November 23rd – December 3rd, 2018

Basunti, Himachal Pradesh, India


Join us at Basunti for an unforgettable and transformative experience!
Basunti is an idyllic private lakeside retreat centre, set on a promontory in a nature reserve nestling in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

Each day Susan will develop & explore the twelve life themes
set out in her transformational course ‘Align with Purpose’.
You’ll be inspired to examine what’s working in your life and what’s not, and with Susan’s experienced guidance and support, learn how to find freedom in new attitudes and approaches to whatever life is bringing you.

Elisabeth will expertly guide you through a morning yoga practice as well as afternoon relaxation practices related to the issues being worked on through the course. These are practices you can easily continue to integrate into your life when you’re back home.
By the end of this fabulous retreat, you will overcome your self-limiting beliefs and be challenged and delighted by new and enriching experiences and connections with other like-minded people.
You’ll leave feeling refreshed and invigorated, and inspired to
make long-lasting changes that will benefit you for life.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes



10 Nights Accommodation
All Meals
Daily ‘Align with Purpose’ Course workshops

Daily Yoga Practices
Morning Meditations
A Guided Excursion to Dharamsala



Join us for tea and treats at our information session

Are you curious but still not sure? Are you sure but still curious? Join Susan and Elisabeth on Sunday, June 10th from 7-9 pm to find out more and for practical details like what to pack, how to travel and how to say hello in Northern India (hint: you probably already know!).

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What they’re saying:

« Over the past 7 years, Susan has helped me navigate turbulent issues – personal, professional and spiritual. At different times, and as different needs arose, she calibrated her approach in deeply sensitive ways, and always with a new set of tools to help me manage different transitions/challenges. She has helped me gain a deeper understanding of what had blocked or sabotaged me, but also to better use my gifts and capacities. I am deeply grateful for the way she has shared her kind attentive wisdom, and nudged me to move on from negative patterns. I have benefited from individual consultations with her but also her Align with Purpose webinar – and can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend both. »
~ Magdalena G.

« Dear Susan, With your wisdom and experience, you help and support people seeing their potentials, uniqueness and strength. You are a motivator for me to get out of the same old patterns and step into something new. You support people through the ups and downs in life and offer tools to integrate the new. If people want to make a change in their life or want to step into something new you encourage them to see what they are and what possibilities they have. You are there for people in all kinds of difficult situations and support them how to handle it and what one can do, and give advice how to perceive life differently in many areas through bodywork, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, astrology and so much more. I feel seen, guided and supported by you and your compassion, wisdom, clarity, love and joy for life. »
~ Petra B.

« I discovered yoga with Elisabeth Rivasseau 6 years ago and she gave me such a taste for this practice that I think I will continue it all my life. Elisabeth took time to explain each of the postures taught in all its details and its implications … Her technical, anatomical and psychological knowledge is impressive… Elisabeth is a unified person, continually linking mind, heart and body. Each of her sessions was prepared taking into account the entire human dimension in its environment. Extremely attentive to others and spreading the good, Elisabeth did not surprise anyone by choosing yoga therapy. She knows how to give the time needed to each student, including within a group. She accompanies, she encourages, with great respect for the person, what will make me say that she is a model and a very regretted Yoga teacher! « 
~ Valérie G.

« Elisabeth transmits the practice of a therapeutic yoga, balanced, tailor-made for each of her students; knowledge and respect for one’s body, harmony between body and mind, acceptance of oneself and others, these are, among other things, the teachings delivered by this dedicated, sensitive and attentive professional who gives us all the tools for a beneficial daily practice .  » ~ Nathalie P.

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